Pietro Leemann Vegetarian Consulting

We are going through a groundbreaking change. We are in a process of transformation towards a lifestyle that pays more attention to health, well-being and the protection of the environment.

This change is also reflected in our eating habits. The demand for healthy foods that are sustainably produced and prepared so that their taste is fully appreciated and their nutrients are optimally utilized is growing.

The demand for organically grown food is rising sharply. At the same time, the consumption of meat and dairy products is falling. Hotels, restaurants, communal kitchens and the agri-food industry often lack the knowledge and tools to keep pace with these changes.

Pietro Leemann Vegetarian Consulting closes this gap and accompanies private and public enterprises in their transformation process. Based on their current situation, they are helped to deal with this change and prepare for the future. Through targeted and concrete support, it is possible to increase the quality and diversity of products, optimise efficiency and internal organisation, reduce environmental pollution and, last but not least, generate financial added value.

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Geometry in my dishes is always alternated with natural, random elements, because if geometry is perfection, randomness is harmony.