Banquets and Events

Offering customers, employees or friends an organic and health-conscious cuisine is a message of attention to them and a statement of position in the protection of the environment.

Pietro Leemann Vegetarian Consulting is at the disposal of those interested in holding their event in this spirit. There are many good opportunities for catering and banqueting services: family dinners and banquets, company receptions and celebrations, vernissages, meetings with an artistic or charitable background or presentations of products, such as cars, perfumes, furniture and food products.

Banquets, catering and event organisation

1. "Classic" catering

Both hot and cold meals are prepared in advance and transported to the event location. Pietro Leemann's team takes care of preparation, transport, presentation/service and final hygiene.

2. The "kitchen on site"

Most dishes are prepared directly in the kitchens of the event location (private house, restaurant, etc...). Pietro Leemann's team takes care of the preparation on site, presentation/service, final hygiene.

3. The "fullservice"

In addition to gastronomic services, the range of services includes other services such as the provision of furniture, decorations, etc. at the event location.

Participation in themed events

Pietro Leemann and his team take part in various themed events, such as vegetarian food shows, trade fairs, exhibitions and television programmes, but especially as guest chefs at gastronomic theme weeks in hotels and restaurants.

Interested in banquets and events?